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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Keeping MY Focus

It is interesting to watch my clinic, as long as I keep my focus on building my clinic it grows; but as soon as I let my attention wander, even for a second it seems, my clinic starts to decline.

OOOOPPPSSSS, don't let that happen....

Currently I am doing many things that require my attention. I am teaching, and while I really do enjoy that it does require attention and focus. I find that if I am not treating a patient I am reading and or writing lecture notes.

But that means I am not promoting my clinic and the number of patients I see drops.


Then I start to focus on my clinic again and it comes back into line, but I am behind on my notes for class. ARGGGHHH!!!

There has to be an easier way than this. I love my job and, not to be blowing my own horn, but I know I am good at it. Yet I have not found an effective way to promote myself that I can afford; and even if I could afford advertising all the research shows for acupuncture and most other forms of medicine it is really "word-of-mouth" that counts.

Even with my current slump I do know that my clinic is growing, slowly but surely. I am seeing 2-3 times as many clients as I was at this time last year; but that is still only 6-8 patients a week. As I mentioned a few blogs back I have some incredible potential things, but nothing on a serious contract situation.

Yet as much as I want a steady flow of patients one of the things that I enjoy is when I get to graduate a patient to once a month treatments or "call me if you need me." One of my patients told me, "You are just too good, I am cured. I will call you if I need to."

That is a good thing. It really is. Now I just have to get them to refer all of their family and or friends to me....

So, if any of you bloggers have any ideas of how to promote my practice, please let me know. I want to find a medium that is in line with the way I see life and is a medium of connecting with people that I can 'get behind.' I am still looking and I am refining my focus and returning to my focus.

Till the next time

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Surgical Complications

I have been seeing a woman who had surgery ten years ago for a hernia. She has been in constant pain since then. Some relief now and again, but overall it has been an issue in her life since the day of the surgery.

She was told that it is due to the scars from the surgery and to have more surgery would porbably only make things worse.

Ten years is a long time.

She came to me from a former patient and was basically at the point of "I have tried everything else, nothing else has helped. Maybe this will."

The first treatment when I was palpating the site of the surgery I felt a scar about as big as my little finger, more or less. Same width and length. I did my regular type of treatment, but I also inserted needles directly into the ends of the scar.

When she came back in two weeks she was totally amazed to report that she had been nearly pain free for a week and a half. Not bad for one treatment...

The second treatment I branched out, quite a bit.

At the end of the treatment I worked on the scar with "invisible needles." At the lower end of her scar she said she could feel something like a thread being pulled out. Even I would have to say that is different.

After she got dressed, as we were talking she said somethin in her abdomen "released." I talked to her last week, we had to reschedule, but she had been nearyl pain free for the last two and a half weeks.

I can't wait to hear what she has to say today....

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Year of the Dog

In just a few weeks it will be the CHinese New Year. We are leaving the Year of the Rat and entering the Year of the Dog. I only find that to be significant because I was born in a Dog Year.

I truly think this year my clinic is going to take off and exceed my dreams. My personal life is going to change too, but since I never write about my personal life I am not going to start now...

I have some amazing opportunities coming along. I just did a presentation, last week, to a group of doctor's and nurses that treat women that are experiencing postpartum depression. It was hosted by St. Joseph's Hospital here in Tucson. I was impressed to be in a group of directors for four or five local hospitals. There were nurses and psychiatrists, as well as a few doctors. It was interesting to speak to them about TCM and how we see postpartum depression. I was also surprised to learn that between 10 -13% of women experience PPD. Not just the 'baby-blues' but real depression and in some cases quite severe depression. Regrettfully the severe ones are the ones we hear about in the news...

From what I heard the group was really enthusiastic. But like I always say, "If you put that with $2 you can buy a cup of coffee downtown." I would love to get a foot in the door, but I know not to hold my breath.

I am also working to create a connection with the "Integrative Oncology Unit" to see if we can start working together. Save your $2 and just buy me one cup of coffee...

The one that may be the most fun would be the Wildcats (U-of-A) athletic department. I am trying to get a clinic going there. Who know's, first meeting went great. We'll see where it goes from there..

I would write more, but it is 10:40 and I have to get up early to finish my class notes. Teaching is fun, but it does keep me running.

Till the next time.

OH yeah, I forgot to mention I changed the comment section so that it takes a human to reply. I was getting more comments from robots on the web than I like...

Love & Respect to all.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What a year!!!

It has been just over a year since I moved back to Tucson. I am amazed to sit back and look at what all has been happening and what is on the horizon.

I am busy teaching two classes this quarter for the Asian Institute of Medical Studies. As always I enjoy teaching, though this load is keeping me running. I have to prepare lecture notes for each class and quizes.

I am reaching out in a more focused manner to allopathic doctors, in particular to two groups: the U-of-A is building a Cancer Hospital and I want to be working there when it opens in a year or so. I am also working with doctors and nurses that treat postpartum depression. Both of these groups are exciting and challenging areas that I would like to work with.

I know that Tucson will probably not be my home forever, but I do see myself staying here for a while and continuing to develop my skills.

This year I also plan on studying for and passing my national herbal exam. I know and use the herbs, but I need the certification so I can add more alphabets to my business cards...

All in all I am very glad I am here and am enjoying my time in the desert. But then again it is only 70 degrees outside and the 100+ days are at least two months away... I hope.