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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Amazing results

A few weeks ago, back when I was supervising in the student clinic at the Asian Institute of Medical Studies we had a patient that has a serious, life-threatening condition. Her blood does not clot, she has a genetic condition that will always be with her.

Can you imagine, for a paper cut she will HAVE to go to the hospital, it is not a choice; her blood will continue to seep and or spurt out until she gets Western medicine to stop it. She said she has to put a towel over her hand, hold it over her head with tight compression and go immediately to the emergency room. That would be for a very minor cut, for a serious cut it would be much more serious. For this reason she is on continual birth-control, which I actually support and agree with.

When she was leaving I talked to her about an idea I had for her. There is a herbal powder available in most Chinese herbal stores called Yunan Bai Yao that we use to stop bleeding. In fact in the war in Vietnam many times our soldiers would find a bottle of it, with it's 'red emergency pill' in the pockets of dead Vietnamese soldiers. But they did not know why. I told this woman to go buy some and keep it with her, in her purse or somewhere where it will ALWAYS be accessible. The next time she gets cut, sprinkle some on to the cut. AND go to the hosiptal.

I got a report back last week from her intern.

She cut herself about a week ago. She was freaking out, as you can imagine. Then she remembered theYunan Bai Yao, she sprinkled in on the cut. She told her intern that she could literally see the blood stop flowing. She was able to just put a bandaid over the cut and was fine.

Now of course I am gonna tell you "Don't try this at home!!!" But in all honesty, I think it could be of great value, and especially if you live in a remote area. It is amazing stuff, and it works.


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7:53 PM  
Anonymous Max said...

Yes, the Yunnan Bai Yao is excellent stuff. And proof positive you don't always need western medicine for certain very serious problems.

But, I am surprised about you saying "don't try this at home." OF COURSE, try this at home. One of the beautiful things about Chinese medicine that you can safely use it at home.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Michael Clifford, L. Ac. said...

Yes Max, YOU can say that, but in our litigous society, as a licensed acupuncturist I have a different liability. What if someone were SEVERELY bleeding and tried this and it did not work. Common sense says they should not try it. But I read the obituary for common sense a few months ago... ;-(
But I could say use with correct discernment, and as I alsways stress: know the limits of the medicine you are using!!!

4:16 PM  

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