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Friday, August 10, 2007


A few posts ago I said I had some big news to write. So here goes.
I have decided, after much Soul searching, to close my practice and move back to Albuquerque New Mexico. There have been many deciding factors in this decision, but it is, in the words of R. L. Wing, a conflict in the environment. As per usual with my thoughts I will back up a few paces to lay in some groundwork then finish with my current thoughts.
There is a very ancient text from Sun Tzu called "The Art of War" which has been described as one of the most widely translated books on strategy, negotiation and warfare. I have several copies from various translators. By far my favorite is R. L. Wing's translation "The Art of Strategy." Mr. Wing makes the significant point that every Chinese ideogram can be translated in at least six separate ways depending on the context in which it is being used.
For his book he separates out four significant areas in which one can become involved in a conflict. Conflict within the Self, Conflict with another, Conflict with the environment, and Conflict between leaders. When I read his translations and think about which type of conflict is most significantly impacting my life I then find the ancient words of Sun Tzu to have significant insight and power.
About a conflict with the environment he writes "In an environmental conflict your surroundings - at home or at work, logistically or politically are limiting your personal growth (Emphasis is mine) or compromising your principles. Many of your decisions, actions and associations have kept you in your environment - were that not so you would be somewhere else. Through your participation, you are supporting the very structure you wish to alter or transcend. ... Environmental conflicts are overcome only be re-forming your relationship to the environment and assuming more control, or by detaching yourself from the environment and leaving it behind."
Later he writes "Often you will not recognize environmental conflicts because you are in the midst of them, busily trying to adapt. Generally, what you experience of your conflict are side effects; poor health, depression, feelings frustration or hopelessness, severe stress, anxiety, or a strong attraction to mindless activities. Only with careful analysis can you trace these symptoms to their cause. If you are caught in an environmental conflict it must be transcended before your personal growth can continue.
I have been experiencing many of the symptoms he describes in varying degree during my time here in Tucson. I know part of this is the stress of running my own business, and part is the stress of teaching; but I have also looked at my experience out in nature here in the Sonoran desert. I have found my experience of the desert to be very harsh. I have NOT been able to enjoy getting outside, and during the summer I cannot enjoy the outside at all.
Working as an acupuncturist one of the things that 'recharges' me is getting outside to walk in nature. When I find nature to be too harsh to enjoy I am in a conflict with my needs. In this particular conflict I would either have to find a way to learn to live in and enjoy 105+ degree temperatures, or leave the area. You can guess which I am choosing.
I have noticed something about myself since I have made this decision: I am very happy and looking forward to what will come. That is new.
I will miss many of the people I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. There have been some great people and I am very appreciative of each one and the lessons I have learned while I have been here.
What will I be doing in Albuquerque you wonder? Well, Check back in a few weeks and I will let you know. I have a potentially awesome job lined up, but there are still a few minor hurdles to pass before I write about it. Besides that I want you to want to come back to check in.


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