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This blog is going to be, primarily a venue for me to express my thoughts about Life and the complexities of the physical plane. My story is simple, I am an easy going individual and a moderate recluse. I am comfortable walking or sitting, talking or being silent. I am always seeking new friends and acquaintenances. I tend to look deeply and question myself about the lesson behind the experience. If you like what you read, please leave me a note, if you have a blog please leave me a link so I can read your writing as well. Thanks

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have seen this before

A couple of years back, at the beginning of my blog I wrote about how I was seeing a lady that her emotional life was significantly affecting her physical life. In her case she was unable to eat solid foods, she was literally unable to 'stomach' what had happened and more importantly how she thought about what had happened.

I had written a blog and posted it about this new patient I am seeing. But last night, upon reflection I realized that I was saying things from a perspective that I know what is best for her. I realized that I do not have the slightest clue of what is right, good or much lest BEST for her. Sure I have my ideas, and I can rationally defend my reasons for each one of them.

But what is more true is that I realize that she is doing the best that she can and she is working with her options in the best way that she can. What my job is becomes twofold: first of all recognize that I was holding on to some judgement (I know what you need to do...) AND DROP THAT, IMMEDIATELY. Next I need to support her, encourage her and get out of the way. Where she is at and what she is experiencing IS PERFECT FOR HER SPIRITUAL GROWTH. So it 'hurts' a little bit. Well as one teacher in my history once told me "When it hurts enough you will stop doing it."

I remember a saying from the book The Communication Catalyst It does not matter how fast you are going if you are on the wrong highway. This is a true statement, but I was the one that had to realize that I was on the wrong highway. Rushing towards judgement is not where I want to go. So no matter how fast I was traveling I was not going to get where I want to be.

Till next time

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A new Quarter begins

Yesterday I got tot teach the beginning class of Tuina, the Chinese Medical Massage. It is an intersting class, and as always I know that I will learn a lot during the progression of the class. I will be teaching this two hours a week for three quarters. In that amount of time I better learn something!!!

I am also teaching the herbology, or Materia Medica for the school. As I wrote about earlier that class is going to be quate a challenge.

It is so interesting to see the differences between the two classes. In Tuina I have three students. I told them, "Well the good news is we will all work on each other, including me. The bad news is we will all work on each other, including me." I will definitely know if they are performing their techniques correctly, because my body will experience their technique. On the other side of the coin is the Materia Medical class; there are 9 students currently enrolled and one more potential. That is the largest class in the entire school. Nothing like a little responsibility on one's shoulders to keep me focused.

I also want to make a small comment about the previous comment to my last blog. On one hand I understand being skeptical, but as I read the comments it was not, in my opinion, skepticism, it was closed-mindedness; that I do not like. So my thinking is that I do want to keep the comments open, inquisitive and skeptical; but not closeminded. I try to keep as open of a perspective as I can and I am always open to learning new things. I am just not as open to closeminded unsupportable statements that masqurade as facts.

OK, now I will get off my soap-box.
Till the next time.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Gearing up for the Fall Quarter

I have to remember to be careful what I ask for. It does come true. Case in point, I have wanted to teach herbs, or "Materia Medica" at The Asian Institute.
I struggle with the decision of how deep to teach, how deep to test. I know that if I go to deep to fast I will lose all of the students before they get through the three quarters of the class. I also know that Materia Medica was hardest part of my entire education and at times I was not sure if I could ever get through the classes. I remember my teacher telling us "you will hate me now, but love me later." She was right, but I did not hate her, just her tests... She was just doing the best she could to prepare us for what was to come.

It is amazing to me to return to this level of study. I remember so much more than I thought I would, yet there is so much more to learn and retain for recall.

One of the things I have been thinking about recently is how acupuncture and herbs share a common language, but more on my mind is how when you mix herbs the 'actions' may change in many ways, and the same is true when I add acupuncture points to a treatment it modifies the effect of the points used.

But for now I just have to focus on communicating the essential properties of the herbs and what is needed for the tests.

It is good to be back in a place in my life where I can update my blog.

More to come soon.