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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rebellious Wei Qi?

Yesterday I was talking to a massage therapist here at work about the class I am teaching: Acupuncture Therapeutics: Immunology. It is an interesting challenge in that TCM does not recognize that there even is such a thing as an immune system. As with all things in Chinese medicine we talk about it in a totally different way.

In TCM it is the "Wei Qi," or what is also called the "Defensive Qi" that protects one from invading pathogens, or "Evil Pernicious Influences." If a person has certain deficiencies in their constitution they will not generate adequate Wei Qi. Then when they are exposed to a pathogen it can more easily enter into and overcome their natural defense system. The function of Wei Qi is to keep the pathogen from gaining a foothold as it attempts to invade.

As a corollary to this there is the concept of "Latent Heat/Lingering Pathogens" which is when a pathogen has entered in and for some reason was not expelled; either wrong treatment or incomplete treatment is usually the case. We tend to find that many allopathic treatments create Latent Heat/Lingering Pathogens. The problem then is that the pathogen tends to 'morph' into something unrecognizable from its original state. Think of a catepillar and a butterfly.

It is understood that if a pathogen is 'locked in' it will morph and one of the manifestation becomes "Heat." But "Heat" is a pathogen of its own right, so lingering heat is another way of saying lingering pathogens.

Anyway, back to my conversation.

I was saying that it is hard to talk about the immune system for these reasons, but to talk about an auto-immune disease creates a completely different set of concerns. If there is no immune system how can it turn back on itself and attack the body?

Sara, the massage therapist I was talking to said, "Would it be like Rebellious Wei Qi?"

When ever an acupuncturist is talking about qi that is not flowing in the right direction, say Stomach Qi that is flowing upwards (burping, hiccoughs, even vomiting) it is called rebellious qi.

I got to thinking about what she said and there is some validity in this. I need to consider it more. So after the end of my last lecture in the Immune class I dropped this on the students. I do have compassion for any of my students, I come off-the-wall with some of the strangest ideas. Actually the students had some good ideas and we refined this thinking a little more. It is something to consider, so over the next few months I am going to ponder it.

Till the next entry.
Which may be a while as I have several personal agendas to complete...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Window's of the Sky

I do not get acupuncture very often; it is just one of those things. I do a fair amount of needling, I supervise a LOT of treatments and I teach, but actually getting needles on a routine schedule has been more or a wish than a reality. Such it is... But on Monday I had a GREAT treatment.

I have been a bit down lately. Just all kinds of things piling up and feeling very in-effective in discovering solutions to the circumstances. Monday night I got a treatment. My treatment consisted of many "Window of the Sky" points.

The "Windows of the Sky" are points that are used for several reasons, but usually for local neck and or head pain. Well maybe I have been a pain in the neck, but I do not have any pain in my neck...

The other reason the points are used is a reference to their name. The Window of the Sky is seen as a way to connect our Spiritual Self to our Physical Self. A way to access that which is deeper within but is not manifesting to the outside.

I innocently chose a CD that started with the sounds of the beach. It reminded me of how much I LOVE and MISS the ocean. It was a beautiful reminder of things things that are important to me. Not quite sure how I will incorporate this memory into my life, but it will evolve as it needs to.

When I got off the treatment table I was seriously zoned out. I have not had an "acu-buzz" like that for years, if ever. Now two days later I find myself still very mellow. I have not been able to discover or realize any solutions to my problems, but I am working on it and more importantly I am seeing things from a different point of view.

"Don't Worry. Be happy"