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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Web Site

Well it has been a long, long time since I have posted anything. My life has taken many turns over the last 2 years since I was actively posting on this site.
I have moved to Rio Rancho New Mexico and had a great job. After a year and a half of flying the company closed its doors. The time of unemployment has been hard. But I am still hanging in here.

I have not left the world of acupuncture, though at times it feels like I have.

Believe it or not I am in the process of writing a book about Oriental Medicine, to introduce it to the 'general public' in a fun, east-to-read format. Besides that anyone that has read my blogs knows I love to write!

I have also just set up a web page
If you have moment, check it out and tell me what you think of it, so far.

The crazed man searching for a job....


Blogger Forever Dream'n said...

So sorry to hear about your job loss. Happy to hear you are still plugging away! Our thoughts are with you. Writing -- what a great outlet. You have so much to say about the subject of Oriental Medicine. We wish you much success with your book. Please keep everyone posted and let us know the progress. We look forward to purchasing a copy. Maybe a copy signed by the author?

4:41 PM  

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