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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some things get me STEAMED!!!

So I guess in all honesty I need to admit that today was not a good day. I was in a car wreck and while everyone is OK I know myself well enough to know that I am still upset by it. Be that as it may.

I was surfing around today when I read a blog that seriously offended me. It seems that someone got the brilliant idea of using BOTOX as a way to treat painful menses. Go to "" to read their blog. It is on the Endo Times Link. Now, I know that I do not have a firm understanding of Western medicine, but this goes too far. Here is what I wrote as a comment to their blog:
"I am sorry to read this, and I am even more sorry to state that I think this is, by far, the most stupid and dangerous "treatment" I have ever heard of. The real danger of botox is not to be minimized, and to inject it into the uterus is, in my opinion, irresponsible.
I do not mean to rant. I do like your blog and I do appreciate this information. But this is NOT a wise choice. Again to go into my specialty, what type of cramps? Are they before, during or after the onset of her period? What about clots, color of menstrual blood? Thickness of blood and amount? All of these are very important, and has she tried complimentary medicine such as acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Particularly in Australia(where this "treatment" is offered) the herbs are held to beyond pharmaceutical level of purity, and we know what the side effects are. What are the side effects of introducing botulism (which is what botox is made from)into the uterus.

OK, I am sorry. I will get off my soap-box. But this one got me steamed."

A quick google search for botox, risks found this: "Botox risks
You should not undergo botox cosmetic procedure if you are infected in the forehead area, i.e. where botox injections are made. You should avoid this treatment during the time when you are or might be pregnant. You are strictly not allowed to have botox treatment if you are allergic to this substance. Therefore, make sure you inform your doctor on these three conditions."

I still think the risk, by far outweighs the potential benefits, espcecially whenthere are good, safe, non-invasive treatments that work.

So, my question to you all is two-fold: first did I go "over-the-top" in my response, or was it somewhat contained? Secondly, what do you think of injecting botulism into the uterus? Is it just me or is it a guy thing and therefore I just can't get it? What do you think?

Dr. Mos' Minute

Dr. Mos' Minute

Working with my focus

I have written about this before, but when I get busy teaching I do not take as much time to build my business, then before too long I am not seeing enough patients. Then my focus shifts and I expend the energy needed to build my clinic. Kind of a see-saw activity, a reflection of the duality of this world.

I have decided to circumvent this if I can. I am going to try an 8 week advertising campaign, it is going to cost $20 per week. So if I get more than 3 treatments out of the entire campaign it will have paid for itself. But, of course the idea is more than to pay for itself.

I will be teaching an additional 6 hours per week next quarter, so I am not going to have a lot of time to focus on building my practice. That is why I am trying to create something that works for me.

I am also going to be giving a presentation at the University of Arizona hospital, to their OB/GYN department. I am very excited about this, as it gets to one of the issues that I feel is critical to our society as well as to the profession of acupuncture in our country. Integration of the two medical paradigms is, in my opinion, an immensely important step that is overdue.

Finally, if you noticed on the left side of my blog page I have finally gotten around to putting in some links to other blogs. I like each of these blogs, they are all different; but each is a good, well written blog. Surf over sometime and check them out.

I will write more, soon.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Almost Emergency Acupuncture

Yesterday while I was supervising at the school clinic I got a call from a woman that needed "emergency acupuncture" and wanted to see if we could fit her into the schedule. The clinic schedule was full, but I had an opening afterwards in my clinic. At 4 she came in with her husband.

She is a very thin, hispanic lady, about 36 years old. She has severe asthma, and the asthma is causing panic attacks. She just got out of the hospital for a asthma-induced panic attack. She was breathing hard, and I could tell she was struggling just to keep it together. I told her and her husband I was going to do something I rarely, if ever do. Skip the intake process and just go to work. I only asked her to quantify her stress on that magical 1-10 scale. She put it at about a 12.

I get her comfortable on the table and start off with the treatment I jokingly call "Acuphoria" whick is VERY CALMING AND SEDATING, then I added in the auricular points to emphasize the calming effect.
We left the room to let her 'cook.'

I came back in the room in 10 minutes to check on her. She was very relaxed. After a total of 30 minutes her husband & I came back into the room to end the session. I was pleasantly surprised to see a smile on her face.

I was inspecting her ears to put some seeds in, you all know how impressed I am with their effectiveness. The area that corresponds to the "Heart" is so close to the "Lung" area that it one piece of auricular tape and seed will cover both, and the tape is about 1/4" square. This entire area was red, which signals an imbalance.

When she got off the table I asked her what level her stres was at. She smiled and said about a 4. Not bad.

We are going to continue our work together, at best I just took one layer off. There is still a lot of work to do.