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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Window's of the Sky

I do not get acupuncture very often; it is just one of those things. I do a fair amount of needling, I supervise a LOT of treatments and I teach, but actually getting needles on a routine schedule has been more or a wish than a reality. Such it is... But on Monday I had a GREAT treatment.

I have been a bit down lately. Just all kinds of things piling up and feeling very in-effective in discovering solutions to the circumstances. Monday night I got a treatment. My treatment consisted of many "Window of the Sky" points.

The "Windows of the Sky" are points that are used for several reasons, but usually for local neck and or head pain. Well maybe I have been a pain in the neck, but I do not have any pain in my neck...

The other reason the points are used is a reference to their name. The Window of the Sky is seen as a way to connect our Spiritual Self to our Physical Self. A way to access that which is deeper within but is not manifesting to the outside.

I innocently chose a CD that started with the sounds of the beach. It reminded me of how much I LOVE and MISS the ocean. It was a beautiful reminder of things things that are important to me. Not quite sure how I will incorporate this memory into my life, but it will evolve as it needs to.

When I got off the treatment table I was seriously zoned out. I have not had an "acu-buzz" like that for years, if ever. Now two days later I find myself still very mellow. I have not been able to discover or realize any solutions to my problems, but I am working on it and more importantly I am seeing things from a different point of view.

"Don't Worry. Be happy"


Blogger Layah said...

Hi Michael.

I like your blog. I don't have one myself, but I was looking up "window of the sky points" and came across yours.

I have a question for you. I have a deep interest in TCM. I study the stuff just for fun. I've been doing Qigong for years and recently started Tai Chi and Kung Fu. I like going to school and I am drawn to acupunture school.

The thing is I know a lot of people who are acupuncturists or are going to acupunture school (including my sister and 2 of my best friends). This may just be because of my martial arts and healing intersts, but I've heard that 1/2 the people who go to TCM school aren't practicing in 5 years.

I noticed in your occupation field you wrote "used to be an acupuncturist." Would you recommend that I go if its something I would enjoy, or not, because the field is already super-saturated?

You could let me know by sending me an email to

Thanks so much.

:Layah McLean

11:35 PM  
Anonymous michelle larson said...

I do not have a blog myself. I have thought about it many times as so many "weird" tings seem to happen to me. I have MANY health problems as well as spiritual ones. I am finding out my spiritual ones are more severe than I thought. I had an Acupuncture treatment a few weeks ago and did not notice much. Well I am on a lot of very heavy pain medications for chronic pain in my neck ,lower back, hips ,knee and neck. Not to mention I have RA and Chrons disease. so getting back to where I was. I went back to the gal to see if something could help something. Well when I was young my mother had a group she hung out with that were satanists. I have been told by many I have a "gift" I see it in my child also. I have blocked things out for so long because of the nightmares I have relating to the things my mother subjected me to. My Acupunturist knew these thing from my prior treatment because I blabbed and blabbed. Well this last time she tried the treatment you are speaking of. But she told me she was going to try to shut down some of the "windows" so I could be more grounded. Apparently she felt I am in to many places at once and I am not real intune with my present physical self. I am not the type that can be persuaded easily I have to feel it to believe it! Well what ever she did I will say has helped in many ways. I felt more grounded I felt like I noticed many more things around me. I could actually feel my feet and the ground beneath. It is hard to explain but I felt full. Not like my stomach from eating but like my whole body. I kept thinking I must have felt hollow before. She said to come back once a month. It has been a little over a week and I almost think a month may be to long. Sorry I am all over the place but I am glad I ran into your blog. It is nice and easy to read and very professional. By reading my note you can see why I do not blog. Thank you for your time...
Have a great week!
Michelle Larson

9:16 PM  

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