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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Yesterday was the graduation ceremony for the Asian institute. It was a very nice ceremony where we took a moment to honor the students, their families and friends as well as the faculty.
It is an interesting place for me to watch these fine students step across the bridge, complete their formal education and enter into the working field of acupuncture.
I have come to respect each of the students. Each one is compassionate, talented, dedicated and inquisitive. I would be very happy to have any one of them treat my patients if I were unable.
I was also impressed by their families and friends; each person that I met and spoke to was very knowledgeable, supportive and excited for their friend/family member/partner.
I also had a moment afterwards to reflect on my own graduation. Last week I was sharing with one of the graduates that we both have one thing in common, our first degree was a Master's degree. Two major differences are that he is 20 years younger than I was, and his IQ is honestly 40-50 points higher; if I were to really stretch mine!!! His is well into the genius range, mine is not... LOL
But it is interesting to note how after school is when the depth of training actually increases. Because we are "on our own" essentially we have to keep our brains sharp and focused. It is that process that allows one to continue learning, long after we forget our classmates, or how long the school seemed to drag on for.
Way back in the day when I was teaching Tukong Moosul I told my students "My job is to make you better than I am." It is the same with teaching acupuncture, and with this group I may be approaching that goal.
That is wonderful.


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