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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some you win, and Some you loose.

The presentation yesterday was interesting. I added one slide to the presentation after I posted it on my blog. That slide read:
The FIRST and hardest step is to QUESTION YOUR OWN ASSUMPTIONS. If you feel that the integration will not work, I am asking you to consider why you feel that way.

When I read that statement I had the distinct feeling that I was equivalent to being a Muslim in a church talking about Mohammed. To say that I felt unwelcome would be an understatement. OH WELL. Like I said going in to this, I had nothing to loose and I truly think this is a subject that needs to be addressed. Repeatedly if necessary.

On a brighter note.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with a 34 year old, very athletic woman that had injured her left knee. Her physician had told her that she had torn some ligaments and had to have orthoscopic surgery. She was waiting till January for the surgery, but she was smart and INSISTED on getting an MRI before surgery. She came to see me because of the pain. When I saw her, her pain was an 8-9 on that magical 1-10 scale. That is intense pain.

I gave her a treatment involving electrical micro-stimulation through the knee joint. We set up another appointment 2 weeks later just to try to help with the pain while she was waiting for the surgery.

A funny thing happened after the treatment. She had no pain. She got her MRI and her physician said "I don't know how I mis-diagnosed this one, but there is nothing wrong with your knee. At all"

Now, two weeks after her first treatment, she is 95+% painfree. Her knee has complete range-of-motion and is essentially pain free.

I wish it was always this simple and effective.


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