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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are you Sickened by Sicko?

I went to see Michael Moore's Movie Sicko this week. I was very impressed by it. Setting aside any political commentary about Mr. Moore I thought his approach to this subject was illuminating.

I am treating two physicians and a nurse. Before I saw the movie I asked them if they had. They all said no, BUT the two females said "I don't need to see it, I live it everyday." The male said he did not want to see it because "All he does is point out problems and does not offer any solutions." I respectfully commented that it is not his job to offer solutions (which he does) but he is trying to generate a discussion about this issue.

I also noticed that their responses tended to break along a gender line in that (as much as I dislike generalities I will use them to point something out. Just remember these are generalities, not specific to individuals) women tend to communicate to develop rapport, establish connections and share experiences. Men tend to communicate to solve problems. "Here is the problem, what do we do to fix it?" Of course that is only a generality, but if does fit this example. (I first learned about this from the book "You just don't understand!" by Debra Tanner Ph.D. a great book about gender communication issues. Maybe Mom will review it for us...)

I was very impressed by other nations health care approaches, and very saddened by ours. When the workers from NYC 9/11 cannot get adequate health care and are dying while our government does next to nothing to support them is appalling. But it fits nicely with the pharmaceutical industries record level profits.

So if you can I would strongly recommend that you watch this movie, but more importantly I would encourage us to start a discussion about this issue. It is not going away.

For my next blog I will jump off the deep end and actually write some of my thinking about ways to address several issues at once that are deeply affecting our society.

Then I have some really big news after that.


Blogger dmorrow5 said...

Hi Michael,

Found your site after a search for Sicko. Saw it last night and was very moved by it. I agree it's a great way to begin/continue a discussion on access to health care---such a huge complicated topic.

One thing in particular that strikes me about the movie this morning---is how many of the services, for instance, in France---like subsidized daycare and increased vacation---contribute to overall wellness. Also, the security of not being frightened about not being able to pay for a health crisis---this contributing to a sense of calm and wellness----

Moore has done such a good job in his movies of following that thread of fear---and the way fear plays out in this country---

Just some thoughts---your site looks of interest and I'll visit again.

I'm a physician in North Carolina with a site at


5:23 AM  
Blogger Michael Clifford, L. Ac. said...

Yes i liked your comment about how fear is playing out in our country. As opposed to the American living in France in Sicko who said in France "the government is afraid of the people. (Protests and street marches) In America the people are afraid of the government."
Entirely too true.

11:09 AM  

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