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Friday, April 06, 2007

Is this for real?

I have a google alert in my e-mail system, so anytime an article gets published on the net about acupuncture I get a once a day notice of this. It is pretty amazing. I would never read through the thousands of news sources to see if any particular story is interesting. Some are very interesting. There is all kinds of really interesting research going on by mainstream sources. It is very exciting.

Then there is this story. I do not know enough about the "double-blind" research mentioned in the Wired article. But the concept is a stretch, to be sure. Then I start to think about quantum physics, and the simple black/white boundary blurs into a ever-changing shade of gray.

I do know enough to understand that I do not know enough to evaluate this fairly. I mean acupuncture itself can be said to function on a quantum physics level. Who am I to say this Dr. is not legitimate and able to do what he claims to do. And how could one evaluate it.

To me, it is another potential area of concern. If someone that feels acupuncture is 'quack medicine' reads the Wired article it will only convince them they are right. That same individual would probably not go to Bastyr University's website for their article. If a university of the stature of Bastyr would invite Dr. Sha to give a lecture it would tend to add some legitimacy to his statements.

He even has his own Wikipedia entry.

So, I guess what I am left with for today is confusion. If any of you can, please post a comment, or link to an article that might help us understand this.


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