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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Approval of a BAD idea

Yesterday I heard that the FDA has approved "continual birth control" as a way to minimize pain from different menstrual irregularities including endometriosis. I find this hard to understand.

From a TCM perspective this is another bad idea in the continuum of different options for treating gynecological disorders. I have already written about 'botox injections' as one way of stopping menstruation for up to three months. That is a truly bad idea, injecting poison directly into the uterus to effectively paralyze it, thus stopping ovulation and menstruation giving one the illusion that the problem has been addressed.

To stop ovulation is not natural, nor is it in a woman's best interest. The process of shedding eggs and the endometrium, the lining of the uterus, is important in allowing the energy to continue to flow and to allow her to be fertile, healthy and vibrant. The long-term complications that arise from stopping this natural cycle will not be apparent for years, however they will manifest eventually. By shedding the endometrium her body is clearing itself of toxins. These cells are designed to be shed. The symptoms that manifest with the period are indicators of imbalances, they are NOT the problem.

One thing that concerns me is the complexity of the discussion we need to have about this. To retain the endometrium and eggs within a woman's uterus for essentially "cosmetic" reasons {I am sorry about that word, but I cannot think of another word to describe this procedure as it is not medically necessary, nor in my opinion advisable.} is to retain toxins within her body. There is a complete set of pathological complications, or patterns-of-disharmony, that come from "lingering pathogens trapped within." These are "knotty"or complex conditions that are difficult to treat. These patterns involve both excesses and deficiencies, complicated with heat and or cold and blood stasis. Even without a firm understanding of Chinese Medicine you can begin to understand that if there are these polar opposites it becomes more complex to treat effectively.

I think what I wanted to say in this post is to remind us all about the "law of unintended consequences." I can see a whole range of consequences that may come from continual birth control, 99.99% of them are not good. As I mentioned earlier, the manifestations of an irregular or abnormal menstruation are NOT the problem, but rather are symptoms of a deeper imbalance. What will that imbalance morph into if it is repressed for years, even decades? Whatever it changes into it will not be good, it may even become cancer and or other very bad conditions.

Please consider what I am writing about and think about the law of unintended consequences. if any of you have questions about this feel free to contact me.



Blogger Sassy said...

I have always thought this idea was not a good one, but I could only articulate it as "not natural". Thank you for expressing this in more detail. It worries me that so many women would jump at the chance of supressing their period.

2:14 PM  

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