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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

They were on to something

It is always interesting to have a patient come in and tell their stories of the week. Today I had the pleasure of treating a 74 y.o. man for hip pain. He had his hip replaced 4 1/2 years ago and "It has never been right." I saw him last week for his initial treatment. This week I had a report.

"When I left your office my hip felt the same as when I went in, nothing had changed. Then in the evening I noticed that my hip was not hurting as much. My wife commented that I was standing up straight and I was not limping as much. Things were good from Wednesday until Saturday. I tried to get out of my truck without moving my legs together. I pulled the muscle again and the whole thing started hurting again."

Today when I treated him I used a micro-current electrical stimulation, just like last week. Only this week I used three leads instead of one.

Micro-current stimulation works from the principle that pain is caused by a condtriction, or blockage of the flow of qi. The micro-current is used to literally break up the stasis and allow the qi to move. It is amazing when it works, and I have had very good results from it in my own personal experience.

After about 20 minutes I removed the currents and needles, gave him a little bit of body work and sent him on his way. But as he was leaving I had to laugh at my thought that, "Ya know, these Chinese really were on to something with this acupuncture stuff."

I can't wait to see him again and hear what he has to say next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bet is that the guy is going to have a really good week. I never cease to be amazed at the results a good acupuncturist can achieve. Don'cha just wish that all persons with health problems could be open enough to give it a try?

3:01 PM  
Blogger Michael Clifford, L. Ac. said...

Well my patient is doing much better, and he has talked his wife in to trying it for her knee pain. My question is where do these other comments come from? Is there some spider that crawls the web and posts anonymous comments that refer you to some website that appears to be about suing if you have some form of cancer????
What is that about???
Not what I am writing about....

Peace Y'all

3:23 PM  
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Blogger Michael Clifford, L. Ac. said...

Thanks for the comments "livin_live"
I went to their web site, it is a good website. worth surfing over to.

Of course some of my comments are a littel 'off-beat' this is why I write them, I am a little (or more than a little some might say) off the beaten path...

9:39 AM  

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